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BoxingYoga™ is a yoga-based training system for fighters, athletes, yogis and anyone with an active interest in well-being, which improves mental and physical strength and flexibility; to maintain optimal health, prevent injury and maximise performance.

Fusing boxing technique and philosophy with Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, BoxingYoga™ is an exciting and challenging yoga workout, originally born in a boxing club to give fighters competitive advantage through improved mental strength, physical power, flexibility, speed and control.
BoxingYoga™ posture

A test for the entire body, BoxingYoga™ demands the will and determination of a fighter to effectively overcome mental and physical barriers and reach new levels of performance.

BoxingYoga™ is an important complement to a fighter’s training regime; counter-stretching and strengthening relevant muscle groups, opening up the hips, chest and shoulders and increasing range of movement through spiral dynamics of the spine.

BoxingYoga™ supports relaxation by cultivating healthy breathing habits, providing not only the ability to stay focused, keep calm and gain energy but also to release muscular tension, expand lung capacity and increase stamina.

Improving posture, alignment and coordination by developing body awareness, BoxingYoga™ also helps to reduce recovery time and the risks of injury. According to Dr Joseph Kaplan, “KapaMediCare are specialists in injury prevention, repair and rehabilitation of amateur and professional athletes. We recommend BoxingYoga to our clients because it improves dynamic strength to prevent injury and can also be integrated into a rehabilitative treatment plan.”

Conceived by Total Boxer founder, Matt Garcia, and developed by international contemporary dancer and lifelong yoga practitioner and teacher, Kajza Ekberg, in collaboration with boxers, yogis, martial artists and physiotherapists, BoxingYoga™ is a real challenge whatever your level or experience.
BoxingYoga™ posture

BoxingYoga™ is also a great way for beginner boxers to practice poses that gradually reinforce a basic understanding of boxing technique, from stance and punches to guard, movement and co-ordination – all contributing towards achieving the perfect balance.

BoxingYoga™ is not just for fighters. It is being integrated into training regimes by a variety of athletes, from runners to rugby players, and can be found at multiple locations around the UK and Ireland, including hot yoga studios, boxing clubs, Sweaty Betty shops, fitness gyms and Saracens Rugby Club.